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Introduction to the „Skuinshuis Scholarship“

The „Skuinshuis Scholarship“ is a project I am setting up as a private person and
practising artist. The aim is to gather funds and enable a scholar (preferably female)
from the underprivileged community of Northend, Prince Albert (Karoo), South Africa
to attend an Arts/Music/Design faculty at a South African college of higher education
- on completion of her/his Matric (= European Baccalaureate) in Prince Albert. An
Arts/ Music/Design/Fashion course in South Africa usually takes 3-4 years to

In 2000 I estimated that it would take ca. 3-4 years to set up the scholarship fund and
prepare a candidate to enter college. At the time of writing (2003), tuition plus
residence fees at a highly recommendable Technikon e.g. in Cape Town (where I
also studied) amount to ca. Euros 10,000 for a 3-year diploma course.

I am looking to speed up the process of collecting funds by commercializing specific
aspects of my work. I have regularly donated a percentage of my works sold since
May 2000 to the educational fund.

Once I have collected the amount necessary and a candidate is about to begin
her/his studies, I will prepare a newsletter to all donors about her/his progress and
career plans. A donation in Euros will convert to many more SA Rands, help educate
someone in the Arts – and contribute towards solving one of the most pressing
problems facing the new South Africa today.

The „Skuinshuis“ (= Crooked House, due to its „crooked“, sun-oriented position) is
the name of a small house I recently acquired in the town of Prince Albert. It stands
in what was, up until the 1950‘s, a residential area for brown-skinned farm workers –
whose descendants now live in Northend settlement, where poverty is rife. Under a
regulation valid until 31 December 1999, the property was not reclaimed by
descendants of former residents. I see the Skuinshuis Scholarship as a way of
giving something of value (= culture) back to the community.

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