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South African artists' site.

On this site you'll find images of the artist's
beautiful Giardino dei Tarocchi, near Grosseto, featuring mosaic sculptures
and other delights.


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Featuring award-winning and further large scale architectural projects by the Echternach-based
office. Site designed by Ursula Witry.

Specialists in urban planning with offices in Cologne and Luxembourg.

London-based architects Jan Kaplicky and Amanda Levete of Lords Media Centre fame.


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My new site for merchandising certain aspects of my work.

The site of Benetton's cutting edge design academy near Treviso,
housed in a building by Japanese master architect Tadao Ando.

Italian directory site in English featuring info on design news,
design fairs, design schools and design competitions.

The site of the UK-based contemporary furniture and lifestyle store.

Shows designer furniture and lighting from the best international designers for office and private spaces.

Hip Spanish textile design.


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New York based gallery run by South African gallerist Gary van Wyk,
focuses on South African art.

Cape Town based gallery and publisher for contemporary South African art.

Site of South African based fine art dealer and publisher,
with branches in London and New York.


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A relatively young, though thoroughly traditional estate near Stellenbosch in the Cape, run by star winemaker Kevin Arnold.


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Denmark's coolest museum for contemporary art.

Switzerland's coolest museum for modern and contemporary art,
housed in the fields outside Basel in a building by
Italian architect Renzo Piano.

Official site of Luxembourg's upcoming Museum of Modern Art.

Official site of Johannesburg Art Gallery.

Official site of the South African National Gallery in Cape Town


  Press   back to top

Comprehensive South African site featuring latest news on contemporary art
and artists in South Africa and abroad.

Quarterly architectural magazine based in Luxembourg, featuring articles on contemporary architecture in Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg.
Short articles by Sally Arnold on contemporary art and design.

Monthly cultural magazine, with articles by (amongst others) Sally Arnold
on contemporary architecture in Luxembourg.